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It's my 3rd day using a Mac for my new job, and the only key I'm really missing is the Delete.

That's forward Delete, not Backspace Delete.

It seems you can use fn + Delete to make it work, but I'm a bit surprised by this decision (almost as much as the over-reliance on the Command key, which functions as Control, Alt, or Meta / Super / Windows key, depending on the context).

The more you know...


Browsers ¦
Jeremy Keith rounds up some of the digital ink spilled recently re: the end of .

I'm still holding out hope that we'll see mass adoption of another rendering engine, but I'm not sure how it'll happen (or who would be behind it). In thee meantime, I'm sticking with .


After nearly a decade of working with various server technologies, my fingers have apparently forgotten how to type the word "serve" without appending the extra "r" to it.

Muscle memory can be weird sometimes.


New journal entry: Hacked?
TL;DR — I recently received an email telling me that I've been hacked. Since I don't believe it, I thought I'd make fun of it instead.


that someone made a film adaptation of Jack Chick's "Dark Dungeon" tract, and it premiered at GenCon 2014:


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I've only played a handful of times, but I was lucky enough to wind up on a #1 team yesterday (and to survive the whole match with them). Woot Woot!


What Does “Public” Mean in our Modern Age? - The History of the Web


Archiving web sites - Antoine Beaupré @
Good look at a handful of different website archiving methods currently available. HT