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Geek, coder, gamer, tinkerer, husband, father, system admin, web developer, and American cyborg, though not necessarily in that order. Creator of Mythic Wars (card game).


that someone made a film adaptation of Jack Chick's "Dark Dungeon" tract, and it premiered at GenCon 2014:


the Internet Archive hosts games, too... And they've got some real classics in their collection.


that `journalctl` has it's own clean-up flags (`--vacuum-size=BYTES`, `--vacuum-files=INT`, `--vacuum-time=TIME`). after using them, I cut the WonderDome's journal storage space in a third (and made it way faster when parsing the logs).




you can run in a window.

I also learned that I still suck at . :(


about how to decompress an `xz` file (via the `unxz` command alias) and how to generate a SHA256 sum (via the appropriately named `sha256sum` command).


my plays discs.

Time for some Battle Arena Toshinden 3!


that thinks the word "installable" is spelled incorrectly, and suggests "uninstallable" as a replacement. 😕


about Dual_EC_DRBG - the "cryptographically secure" algorithm that was pushed by and (allegedly) backdoored by the .


that there's a medieval-fantasy version of the Hulk called Greenskyn Smashtroll.

And he has a surprisingly cute Lego Minifig.


that Teletubbies is actually radical utopian fiction, featuring a "paradise based on infantilisation" and a central machine intelligence that manifests as a sun-baby.