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Geek, coder, gamer, tinkerer, husband, father, system admin, web developer, and American cyborg, though not necessarily in that order. Creator of Mythic Wars (card game).


“Magic: The Gathering” is officially the world’s most complex game

And it's to boot...


I've been denied access to... the Keurig website?

Access Denied? What could it mean?

Could it be that Keurig is hiding some deep, dark secret about descaling?

Or maybe I committed some obscure ToS violation when I tried to use *their site* to learn how to descale my coffee pot?

Or maybe.... their is just borked?


It turns out that the cure to my previous mental health concerns was to play the Dead Kennedys as loud as possible.

Poof, no more "Mr. Jones'. 😊


All morning, I've had Counting Crows' "Mr. Jones" playing on a loop in my 🧠.

I don't know who's doing it to me, or why, but I'm truly, deeply sorry for whatever I did to deserve this.

Please make it stop.


Our 2-year-old TV died today. :(

Guess they just don't make 'em like they used to.


I forgot how much I hate doing yard work.

OTOH, at least my watch is pleased.


I changed the password on my work MacBook on Monday, and ever since, it's been switching between requiring the new password and the old one, seemingly at random.

I find this behavior... puzzling.


The Programmer's Credo: we do these things not because they are easy, but because we *thought* they were going to be easy.
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Bold idea - Let's replace with something better: