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Geek, coder, gamer, tinkerer, husband, father, system admin, web developer, and American cyborg, though not necessarily in that order. Creator of Mythic Wars (card game).


I've been denied access to... the Keurig website?

Access Denied? What could it mean?

Could it be that Keurig is hiding some deep, dark secret about descaling?

Or maybe I committed some obscure ToS violation when I tried to use *their site* to learn how to descale my coffee pot?

Or maybe.... their is just borked?


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I've only played a handful of times, but I was lucky enough to wind up on a #1 team yesterday (and to survive the whole match with them). Woot Woot!


A Flock of Seagulls @ Lost 80s Live

Look out, it's A Flock of Seagulls!


Wang Chung @ Lost 80s Live

Everybody Wang Chung tonight!


Naked Eyes @ Lost 80s Live

There's always something there to remind me... of Naked Eyes.


Animotion @ Lost 80s Live

Animation, in motion, covering Soft Cell's "Tainted Love".


How I Spent My Morning

A screenshot from "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" (PS1) running on my PS3, showing that I have completed 200.5% of the game.

I believe that I can safely say that I have never completed anything else in my life to that degree. *Never*. So, !