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Italian Renaissance Ninja Painters!

Painter Power! Via


The only Confederate Flag that mattered

Lest we forget... From


Saturday Fun - Spot the Panda!



Another Lucky Draw!

Pulled this at my favourite FLGS, Scott's Collectables in Kannapolis, NC. Sweet!


Lucky Draw

Much love to my wife & son, who grabbed me a very special pack of Origins while they were at Gamestop today. Yay!


Woot! A+ SSL Rating!

Guess who's got 2 thumbs and an A+ SSL Rating from SSL Labs (


Sorry, Netflix... you just don't know me at all.


Half-Trak and The Destroyer

The once great Tonka came out with a line of "Mad Max" knock-offs called "Steel Monsters" in 1986-7, and I'm proud to say that I had one of these (well, either I did or my brother did, while the other one had "Metal Face" and his ride, "The Masher").

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McDonald's! McDonald's! McDonald's! Dear God in heaven, McDonald's!