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A good friend is visiting from out of town, so I spent the afternoon teaching him to play "Mythic Wars". He seemed to really enjoy it, and since it's his birthday in a couple of days, I gave him a copy to take back with him.

So, if you live in Texas, be on the lookout for Mythic Wars - coming soon to a gaming store near you!


Max does not approve.

Despite all his rage, he's still just a Max in a cage.


Just Work. - Ethan Marcotte

This really resonated with me, about how ethics should shape the work we choose to do (insomuch as we can "choose").


about Dual_EC_DRBG - the "cryptographically secure" algorithm that was pushed by and (allegedly) backdoored by the .


that there's a medieval-fantasy version of the Hulk called Greenskyn Smashtroll.

And he has a surprisingly cute Lego Minifig.


Fell down a 2-3 hour clickhole, searching for a new avatar (Thanks, "Ready Player One"!).

Wound up with an 8-bit one (for now), but I did grab MakeHuman (to try and make a 3D one). And OpenSim, because everyone needs a self-hosted virtual world (and nothing is ever easy).

I guess playtime's over, so back to work!


Sad to say that didn't go so well this week. Went 0-2 in tonight's games, with my Dragons losing the first game, followed by my Hidetsugu-Bomb getting killed in the last turn of the 2nd game.

Got to see an old friend tonight, though, and that always makes it better. 😊


Max holds on for dear life...

... as the house stands perfectly still.

(Motion of the earth notwithstanding, of course.)


Who's got 2 thumbs and is hosting his own Gitea instance running at


[glances at clock]

And now, THIS GUY is going to bed.


Holy crap. Did I just actually succeed in migrating my Known install to another machine?!

Like, without corrupting it irreparably, or having to start all over??