Prince & Pastor Dick, in the same day!?



@thDigitalReader For me, it's a firm rule: I try not to deploy anything that runs on < 90% of browsers.


Bummer, seems like @Tweetdeck is broken today. Keeps jumping around in my timeline. :(


QuickTime's still a thing?

I mean, does it come bundled with AOL and Shockwave, or what?


.@BackwardNC Will anyone be there to check birth certificates at the bathroom doors? It's just common sense.


.@Baconarchist That's what they want you to think... Or maybe that's just what you think they want you to think...


Theocracy is stupid! Democracy is GOOD!


Never 'rm -rf' unless you really, REALLY mean it.


Well, they actually just make up excuses, because the reason is kind-of obvious (to most people, anyways)...