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Geek, coder, gamer, tinkerer, husband, father, system admin, web developer, and American cyborg, though not necessarily in that order. Creator of Mythic Wars (card game).




Woo-hoo! After a brutal 2-hour session, the wife and I managed to defeat a bunch of cultists and deep ones as we won our first game of "Mansions of Madness". Take that, !


that `journalctl` has it's own clean-up flags (`--vacuum-size=BYTES`, `--vacuum-files=INT`, `--vacuum-time=TIME`). after using them, I cut the WonderDome's journal storage space in a third (and made it way faster when parsing the logs).



"Remember, walk without rhythm and we won't attract a worm."


👍 Wi-Fi Gets More Secure: Everything You Need to Know About WPA3 - Michael Koziol / IEEE Spectrum


👍 How do you mark up an accordion? - Sara Soueidan


♫ White & Nerdy - "Weird Al" Yankovic


Doing in lieu of the usual games. Decided to change it up and play Temmet tonight since Saheeli's gone 0-5(!), and wouldn't you know it, he won!


"Google has built their entire empire on the backs of other people’s effort. People use Google to find content on the web. Google is just a doorman, not the destination." via


It's because of stuff like this that I've been blocking ads for a couple of years (and just recently started running NoScript):

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to convince anyone else in my household to do the same...