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Geek, coder, gamer, tinkerer, husband, father, system admin, web developer, and American cyborg, though not necessarily in that order. Creator of Mythic Wars (card game).


results from last night: My deck dominated the first (3-player) game, but came up short in the second one, leaving me at 1-1 for the night. Both decks were alot of fun to play, and each provided an OMG moment (or two), so it was definitely .


It was a long game (and a late night), but my Saheeli-thopter deck finally saw victory!


Doing in lieu of the usual games. Decided to change it up and play Temmet tonight since Saheeli's gone 0-5(!), and wouldn't you know it, he won!


Playing an updated Saheeli for tonight's . It seems to handle decently enough, but I just can't seem to draw enough cards to get it to critical mass (and win).


Yeah, was kind of an all-around bust tonight, going 0/2 with my Saheeli-Thopters deck. Everything started out well both times, with lots of and all, but I just couldn't bring a victory home this week. So it goes...


Tonight's first round of ended tragically early for me, as I was smothered by a 20/20 double strike. Here's hoping the 2nd round goes better.


During the first round of tonight's , my Slimefoot deck made a strong showing, but just couldn't quite pull it off.

We'll see how round 2 goes.


Wound up going 2-0 in thanks to the timely intervention of Heartless Hidetsugu. Even though the deck is good at winning (3-1 since I first built it, if I'm not mistaken), it just isn't much fun to play, so I'm probably going to retire it (for now).

And now... To bed!


My dragons won the first round of , after I popped Sarkhan's super ability and brought in Every. Dragon. In. The. Deck.


Sad to say that didn't go so well this week. Went 0-2 in tonight's games, with my Dragons losing the first game, followed by my Hidetsugu-Bomb getting killed in the last turn of the 2nd game.

Got to see an old friend tonight, though, and that always makes it better. 😊